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Hitomi Yoshizawa
Hitomi Yoshizawa

Hitomi joined Morning Musume as a part of the fourth generation. Her image has varied between sporty and tomboyish to a more feminine image. Her biggest role in a Morning Musume single was in Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~.

Hitomi was also put into Pucchi Moni after Sayaka Ichii graduated. Hitomi remained in the group when subgroups where shuffled in 2002. This was the biggest role she has ever had in Hello! Project, as the group had one of Hello! Project's greatest hits, Chokotto Love and being in group of three meant that everyone was in focus.

Overall Hitomi has not had major roles in most songs and she is not among the most popular members. She is, however, the last remaining 4th generation member after Rika Ishikawa graduates from Morning Musume. After Mari Yaguchi unexpectedly left the group, Hitomi was promoted to the position of the leader of the group.


Age29 years
Blood TypeO
Date of Birth12 April 1985
Favorite Japanese FoodUdon, soba, tomatoes
Favorite Place in JapanSaitama
Favorite SeasonAutumn
Favorite SongHappy Summer Wedding
Height163 cm
HobbiesE-mailing and shopping
Japanese Name吉澤ひとみ
NicknamesYossi, Yossie and Yochan
Place of BirthSaitama
Special SkillsBall games
Strong SubjectJapanese
Weak SubjectSocial Studies
Why glad to be/have been in Morning MusumeShe has been able to go to many places.. In addition to that, she enjoys performing in concerts

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None known
Keywords/aliases: Yochan, Yossi, Yossie

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