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Asami Konno
Asami Konno

While Asami didn't make much of an impression during the 5th generation auditions, Tsunku decided to choose her as well because of the potential he was in her. Since her debut, her voice has improved a lot and she has become quite popular - not really a wonder considering her looks.

Even if her appearance and wits may sugges otherwise [then again, she is not babbling about nonsense, either], Asami is actually one of the smartest members in Morning Musume (take a look at Bakajo Test).

One of the more visible roles Asami has had was being regular reporter in Hello! Morning segment HPW (Hello Pro Wide - basically H!P news). In its successor, HPH, she was been one of the newscasters (although on a couple of occasions she has had to assume her old role as "Ojamarushye Konno" when Eri hasn't been available as the field reporter).

Another notable appearance was being the centerpoint of the storyline in Morning Musume's 2002 Christmas special, 13nin Gakkari.

A question that often comes up in discussion forums is the lack of Konno in the graduation concert of Natsumi Abe. The reason was simply the fact that she couldn't be presend due to being ill. She did, however, congratulate Natsumi by phone during or after the concert.

Asami and Miki Fujimoto became part of Country Musume (thereafter known as Country Musume ni Konno to Fujimoto). The best known release of this group would probably be Uwaki na Honey Pie.

Asami's role in Morning Musume's and Sakura Gumi's singles has been quite small, with the exception of Morning Musume's late 2004 single, Namida ga Tomaranai Houkago where she was one of the lead vocalists.

Asami got her first, and thus far only photobook in 2004.


Age26 years
Blood TypeB
Date of Birth7 May 1987
Favorite ColorsWhite and pink
Favorite Japanese FoodSushi, Japanese candy, red rice
Favorite Place in JapanHokkaido
Favorite SeasonsSummer and Winter
Favorite SongSay Yeah! ~Motto Miracle Night~
Height156 cm
HobbiesExercising, shopping and chatting
Japanese Name紺野あさ美
NicknamesKonkon and Pon-chan
Place of BirthHokkaido
Special SkillsSports in general
Strong SubjectSocial Studies
Weak SubjectEnglish
Why glad to be/have been in Morning MusumeBeing able to perform in front of her friends in her first concert in Hokkaido

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Keywords/aliases: KonKon

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