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Bakajo Test

Bakajo test was a basically multi-subject school test held for members of Morning Musume (there have been tests for others as well, but that is the one discussed here). Most of the questions were quite elementary (as can be seen from the examples below), but the results weren't helped by the fact that the test was held by Mecha-Ike (Okamura, to be more specific).

In any event, the test was NOT to determine the smartest musume, but it was instead to find the stupidest one. The battle for the title was a close one, but there was a clear winning duo (although there was of course only one "champion").

Name Japanese Math Social Studies Science English Total Average
Kaori Iida 73 69 75 86 89 392 78,4
Natsumi Abe 79 69 42 74 71 335 67
Kei Yasuda 76 77 87 71 93 404 80,8
Mari Yaguchi 75 77 70 87 53 362 72,4
Rika Ishikawa 70 62 64 69 73 338 67,6
Hitomi Yoshizawa 65 53 39 61 52 270 54
Ai Kago 42 51 48 50 60 251 50,2
Nozomi Tsuji 45 78 51 51 24 249 49,8
Asami Konno 87 89 96 93 48 413 82,6
Ai Takahashi 66 72 55 79 74 346 69,2
Makoto Ogawa 77 85 64 81 58 365 73
Risa Niigaki 57 38 49 48 66 258 51,6

Examples of their answers:

a) Number that can be divided by two is called ...
b) Number that can'b be divided by two is called ...
Correct answers:
a) Even
b) Odd

Risa's Answer:
a) Divisible
b) Indivisible

Question: The tallest mountain of Japan is ...
Correct Answer: Mount Fuji

Natsumi's Answer: The Himalayan Mountains

Question what are the capitals of
a) China
b) France
c) Korea
Correct answers:
a) Beijing
b) Paris
c) Seoul

Risa's Answers:
a) Chan Pon Chan
b) Myumapeeru
c) Hanihoheto (Japanese for do-re-mi-fa-so)

Question: What is the name of the presented picture (not available at the moment)
Correct answer: The last supper

Nozomi's answer: Wedding reception

Question: Write out the abbreviation Hz
Correct answer: Hertz

Ai Kago's answer: Heisen
Nozomi's answer: Hezo
Natsumi's answer: Hetto Zupikal

Translate "Please hold on me as long as possible" from English to Japanese.
(their answers obviously translated back to English)

Hitomi: Please give me a long break
Makoto: Please let me sing for longer
Ai Kago: Please give me that tall building...
Asami: Please stop be from being long (at a place)
Kei: Please give me a long, passionate hug

Question: Write days of week in English
Correct answer: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Nozomi's answer: sander, mander, tusder, wensder, sasder, fleder, satder

Question: Write numbers 1 to 10 (in writing) in English:
Correct answer: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten
Nozomi's answer: on, tur, srer, fo, faib, sox, sev, ei, nai, ten

Translate the following to Japanese (no translation back to english):

English Nozomi's Japanese
Mother Moutaa
Night Niguritto
Revolution Ribbon
Together Tugitaa
Machine Macaroni
Telephone Telepudding

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